sometimes, i write books in english.

you can read more about the things that i’ve written which you can read, below.

Activity, Hustle & the Power of Action

Whether you’re an individual salesperson, a manager, VP of sales or a CEO, this book has the power to change the way you do business, close deals and drive revenue.

Sales is the most noble profession – it is a thrilling, daring chase of adrenaline and power as you navigate buying resistance and educate your prospects to help them make good decisions and become customers for life.

But order to progress in your sales career and in your personal life, you must start to ramp up your activity. You must embrace the hustle, you must cultivate it and you MUST learn to love the fast-paced, hard-driving energy that will propel you to the next level of self-mastery and success.

This book will show you how to harness the strength, purpose and skills that you need to succeed in sales – after all, your goals and dreams, your family’s health and happiness and your desire to become the best version of you are riding on your ability to go out and close more deals.

You Can’t Get Rich If You Feel Poor®

In an age where the media bombards us with negativity and fear…in a cultural and economic landscape that can feel more divided than ever before, it has never been more important to remember that ‘all is well’ and that goodness exists in every corner of our day to day lives.

That realization does not come easily, however – we must train our minds to focus on what we want and create habits that allow those manifestations to come into being.

And because money touches many areas of our lives, it makes sense that ‘money’ would be one of our main focuses in life. This book contends that focusing on money, even in tough situations, doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Certainly, it is more fun to think about wealth when you have wealth but even in troubling times, we teach people how to train the subconscious mind to focus on feeling wealthy, seeking wealth and becoming a person worthy of such wealth and abundance.


You Can’t Get Rich If You Feel Poor

Growing The Kingdom takes faith, dedication and perseverance. Many people are proud to discuss their faith, their fellowship and their church but they don’t know how to actually grow in their outreach.

After many years of speaking and ministering in churches, this book was born out of a desire to help both pastors and parishioners learn specific tools and strategies to grow their churches and come together as a team.


Activity, Hustle and the Power of Action – book trailer

The book trailer for the newest book on sales and leadership.